Monday, August 3, 2009

SQL Server cannot access the source table

When Migration Assistant is used to move a table from Sybase ASE 12.5 into MS Sql Server 2005 when they the data migration, they get this in the results pane:
Migrating data...
Analyzing metadata...
Preparing table dbo.table1...
Preparing data migration package...
Starting data migration agent...
Starting data migration...
The data migration agent is migrating table 'dbo.table1': >
dbo.table1, 0 rows total
SQL Server cannot access the source table.
Data migration complete.
0 table(s) successfully migrated.
0 table(s) partially migrated.
1 table(s) failed to migrate.

This issue may occur due to following:
• User credentials used for data migration may not have SELECT permission on this table.
• There are lots of issues with different versions of Sybase providers so need to check the type and version of the driver you are using.

The users usually get this error when they use OleDb provider for Sybase for data migration. To resolve this try using ADO.NET provider of version 1.15.50. You can set it up in Project Settings dialog using "Provider" dropdown.

More Information
Article Id: KBS2SS1001

Applies to
• SSMA 2005 for Sybase

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