Monday, August 3, 2009

Extension Pack is corrupted error

When SSMA is used the user can get an error message saying: Failed prerequisites list:
Common requirement: Extension Pack is corrupted or You do not have permission to use it.

Incorrect privileges of the user. User doesn’t have the privilege to run the following query: SELECT * FROM sysdb.sys.schemas where name = 'ssma_syb'

Give the sufficient privileges to the user.
Depending on the operation user performing, following permissions are required:
  • For most operations it is enough to give a user an access to the database and grant a role ssma_syb.
  • If a user needs to perform a data migration, rights to create and start job will be needed (including CmdExec).
  • If a user needs to work with tester, we highly recommend giving the user full rights on ssmatesterdb_syb database.

More Information
Article Id: KBS2SS1002

Applies to
• SSMA 2005 for Sybase
• SSMA 2008 for Sybase

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