Monday, August 3, 2009

Nothing to Process error when creating Assessment report


When user tries to create Assessment Report by click “Create Report” they may get error “There is Nothing to process”


We get this message if there are no objects in the node selected.


As there are no objects in any of the schemas you are getting that message ”There is nothing to process”. You can create report only when you have objects(tables,Procedures etc) in the node selected.

For example, lets say the user guest does not have access to any database objects. So there are no objects under guest schema. If the above user is given permission to those objects, then those objects will be visible in Metadeta explorer. Then you won’t get this error message.

More Information

Article Id: KBO2SS1010

Applies to

SSMA 2005 for Oracle

SSMA 2008 for Oracle

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