Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SSMA Extension pack not found on database server

When doing Data migration using SSMA user may encounter the following pop-up message:
Failed prerequisites list:
Common requirement: SSMA extension pack was not found on the database server. Install the SSMA extension pack to use the data migration.

This error message usually occur when
a) Extension pack is not installed on SQL Server instance
b) The Sysdb and ssma_syb databases doesn’t exist on the sql server instance which you are trying to connect or is not accessible because of lack of permissions.

a) Install the extension pack on SQL server instance.
b) Ensure that the Sysdb and ssma_syb databases exists on the sql server machine which you are trying to connect and is accessible.

More Information
Article Id: KBS2SS1006

Applies to
• SSMA 2005 for Sybase
• SSMA 2008 for Sybase

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