Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Preventing regeneration of Identity columns

When doing data migration SSMA may regenerate the identity columns.

Keep Identity property in Project settings is set to false

Setting the “Keep Identity” in the Migration tab of the Project settings to true.
Keep identity Specifies whether SSMA will preserve identity values when it inserts data into SQL Server. If this value is false, SQL Server will assign identity values. The default is true.
When Keep Identity is set to true, the data of the identity column resembles the data in the source database.
When Keep Identity is set to false, Identity columns are regenerated when inserting data in the SQL Server table and it will assign identity values taking seed and increment as 1

More Information
Article Id: KBS2SS1007

Applies to
• SSMA 2005 for Sybase
• SSMA 2008 for Sybase

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